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Exchange currencies, pay, withdraw and create multiple accounts, all at your fingertips.

We support the major currencies as USD, GBP and EUR. Trough our accounts, you can easily send money all around the world with a competitive fee!

With the debit card you will be able to make withdrawals and make payments in different currencies including cryptocurrencies.

Discover EQapital’s NeoBanking service, suitable for individuals and businesses.

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Born to keep your EUR, USD, BTC & ETH safe.

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Trust Services
Custody of assets and digital assets. We guarantee privacy and protection on your funds, digital assets, deposits, accounts, and transactions.

Prime services
Get your personal concierge together with customized consultancy and support with your operational activities.

Companies and individuals
Our service is designed to meet the demand of both individuals and companies.

Explore all the benefits and build your Dreams with our Real Estate account

With our Real Estate account, you get an account that pay you back and safeguards from the inflation.

Your deposit will allow you, directly from the comfort of your couch, to receive unique rewards from our operations in the Real Estate in Florida.

We take care of all stages of real estate. From market research to property negotiations, always looking for the best opportunities for you.

In just a few minutes you can participate in real estate transactions without being an expert directly from our EQapital Custody&Vault APP. 

Our Real Estate account is made for everyone, personal and business.

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Use your funds with the Debit Card by making online or physical payments and getting instant exchange of currencies and cryptocurrencies through the App. 

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