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What are the advantages?

How does the exclusive account work?

The EQapital trust account offers fiduciary protection and consequently greater asset protection for the interested party. 

And that's not all! With our trust account you can operate like any traditional account and make SEPA and SWIFT transfers.

Bitcoin Custody

In addition to the supported FIAT currencies (EUR, USD, and GBP) we offer escrow accounts in Bitcoin!


You can open an account that is typically thought of as a service available to a selected group of people for just 75 Euros each month.

Why choose the Elite account


Make secure payments thanks to our high-security protocols.


You will be accompanied by a professional who will guide you through your account!


Enjoy the crypto world at 360 degrees through the platform dedicated to Elite customers.

2FA Protection

Security is ensured through two-factor protection and biometric verification.


The account is subject to the Trust legislation, meaning more privacy and protection.


Our platforms are easy to use and allow you to control your savings directly from home!

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Use your funds with the Debit Card by making online or physical payments and getting instant exchange of currencies and cryptocurrencies through the App. 

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