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What is a Trust Account?

A trust account is an agreement in which a trustee or fiduciary manages in his or her name the assets of another person, in this case our clients, and administers them in their best interests.

Confidentiality is assured!

EQapital offers Custody&Vault account registration so you can obtain a Trust account.

What are the advantages?

Bitcoin Custody

With EQapital's Trust Account, your digital assets are insured up to $100 million.

Become PRIME

With the PRIME account, we provide you with the highest level of quality and relevance, and you will always have a team of experts ready to help you.

Diversify your portfolio

With your deposit in the EQapital Trust real estate account, you will participate directly, from the comfort of home, in real estate transactions in Florida. Data at Q1 2022 compared to Q1 2020 shows that there was a market growth of 16.8%.

Open your real estate account, deposit and experience it directly from the comfort of home.

Features of our App


Make secure payments thanks to our high security protocols in the App.

Instant exchanges

Through the EQapital App you can exchange your money quickly and easily.

Crypto Purchase

Our platforms support deposits, transfers or even exchanges in cryptocurrencies.

2FA Protection

Security is ensured through two-factor protection and biometric verification.


Our platforms are easy to use and allow you to control your savings whenever you want, without leaving home!


All services are subject to Trust legislation, which ensures privacy and protection of your assets.

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