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Pay and withdraw with the EQapital Card

Use your funds with the Debit Card by making online or physical payments and getting instant exchange of currencies and cryptocurrencies through the App. 

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Change your funds into cryptocurrencies wherever you are.

The easiest way to use your cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency market never stops: you can buy and sell them anytime and in any region of the world.

The security of your transitions is assured! 

Diversify your wallet with us.

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Make transfers, payments, currency exchanges, create multiple accounts, and more, all in one App.


Privacy and Protection

EQapital offers Privacy and Protection of your deposits by opening a Trust Account.


EQ Real Estate

Open a real estate account that safeguards you from inflation with EQapital Trust. It's really simple!



With our App you can buy exchange and sell Cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks.


EQ Card

With our Card you can pay and withdraw easily all over the world.

EQapital gives you the freedom you've been looking for

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Our goal is to optimize your time with protection, security and ease. Offering you the best possible experience in managing your assets.

EQapital: The Alternative Banking of the future

Financial freedom wherever you are.

FDIC insurance up to $250,000 on funds deposited in EURST

✓ No hidden fees
✓ Open accounts in EUR, USD, GBP, BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT and EURST
✓ Debit card included

One of the best cryptocurrency exchange rates on the market

✓ Instant exchange of currencies and cryptocurrencies
✓ Instant transfers between users and accounts
✓ SEPA and international transfers

Frequently asked questions

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Our standard check for personal accounts normally takes about 3 minutes, while for business accounts it can take up to 24 hours. 

For personal accounts, you need an ID and selfie and proof of address. As for businesses, you will receive more guidance when you open the account.

Opening an EQapital account is totally free. Get multi-currency FIAT & Crypto accounts, deposit guarantee and total 24/7 access to your finances at a cost of 2.50 Euro/month. How does it sound?

Open multi-currency accounts (Euro, Dollar and Pound) in the blink of an eye, deposit and send SEPA transfers and buy&swap cryptocurrencies instantly. And convert your Euros to Dollars or Pounds in a few clicks and use them immediately in the US and UK. And much more!

Discover the real estate account that gives your savings a boost!

What does it look like to have a real estate account that allows you to safeguard your savings from inflation right from home?

Getting started is easy

Register on the Custody&Vault platform and once your account is verified, you will automatically get your real estate accounts in Euros and Dollars. What are you waiting for?

Our locked accounts paid an average of


to participants (data as of 01.07.2022).

Use your funds with the Debit Card by making online or physical payments and getting instant exchange of currencies and cryptocurrencies through the App. 

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